Minio Design & Print is a design/branding studio and print house nestled in the leafy suburb of Kallista, Melbourne.

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Minio Design & Print is a International Chapter Member for AIGA, the professional association for design.

We strongly associate with AIGA on their commitment to advance design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force. Focusing on the value and impact of design, both locally and globally, and working together to inspire, support and learn.

Minio Design & Print has reinvented and rejuvenated many businesses and their marketing and brand strategy, through cost effective, incremental approaches. Generally a start up business will come to us for a logo design and then, often will grow through our services into a web design.

Our approach to business relationships is of a mutual benefit - Win/Win. Expectations on both sides with clear goals and strategies, your business will grow and we help you to grow further.

Your first step with a new graphic and website design company does not have to be daunting. We suggest that you start with one step, often with a professional logo design, and gradually as you feel comfortable with our work, you can grow with us, into print and web design.

When you spend your dollars with us, your money stays in our regional community because production is done in house.

We are not a business that gets unqualified offshore freelancers to compete our work. Such design work is often slapped together by someone who is unfamiliar with the culture or care about the design brief, or marketing angle.

We find it unacceptable to work “on spec” for jobs under $5,000. This means we say no to requests such as drafts/concepts or a solution before any commitment of payment for businesses we have not dealt with before.

Any time a design professional agrees to work for free, you should question just how “professional” they are.

Spec work invariably leads to frustration for you and encourages a sub-par standard of work from the design businesses pitching.

No other professional industry would agree to these conditions.

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